Sandy Sirois

Artist Statement

I Love My Camera! It has shown me a new view of the world. I find myself zooming into places that, in the past, I either passed right by or viewed from afar. Most things need to be looked at in more than one way, need to be looked at with the objective eye of the lens and not the "I know what that tree looks like" eye in my mind. My favorite shots in this series are the ones that make the viewer say, "It’s familiar--- but what is it?" "Oh Yes, now I see"

I hope you see the familiar and the quirky, the light, the reflection. The next time you see a coke bottle reflecting the evening sun, I hope you will stop for a second and smile.

Contact Information

Studio Address:
374 Union Street #110
Peterborough, NH 03458

Telephone: 603-562-7501

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