Jean Mann  

Artist Statement

I love nature, the outdoors, the beauty of the varied landscapes across our country. When I was young, my family took many trips across country to visit my grandmother. My father, being a "road less traveled" kind of guy, showed us the beauty of America from the back roads and blue highways.

As I revisit the old photos, take new ones, or set up an easel in a setting that catches my eye, I love to try to capture beautiful scenes on canvas. Tubes of oil paint bring to life the deep hot colors of the southwest, the rich blues of mountains and oceans, the hues of greens and golds from our New England.

A painting creates a memory, an emotion, a desire. I paint for myself and for the viewer's own journey.


Jean Mann is a New Hampshire artist who has enjoyed many years of drawing, painting and teaching art to children and adults. Love of travel and the beauty and diversity of our country's natural landscapes inspire many of her paintings. Jean shares her work in exhibits, shows, and galleries.

Contact Information

Studio Address:
9 Antrim Road
Hancock, NH 03449

Telephone: 603-831-0200

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